Critical Care Heroes: The vital role of Vascular Access Nurses

Patient in bed while nurse administers medicine

  Vascular access nurses play a critical role in ensuring the safe and effective delivery of medical treatments through vascular access devices – the most common of these being peripheral intravenous lines.      These specialized healthcare professionals play a vital part in modern medicine, enabling their fellow clinicians to have reliable access to patients’ … Read more

What is a Child Life Specialist?

Child with Boxing Gloves on.

What is a Child Life Specialist? Going to the hospital can be an anxiety-inducing and confusing experience for children.  Poked and prodded, getting imaging scans, surgery, or other medical procedures leads to fear, stress, and emotional outbursts. It also makes parents feel overwhelmed when navigating the healthcare system with their sick child. That’s why child … Read more

Medical Play: Reducing fear and improving outcomes for children facing medical procedures

A sweet little girl of Hispanic decent, sits up on an exam table during a routine check-up. She is dressed casually and her doctor is wearing a white lab coat as the appointment progresses and she records information on a tablet.

In the world of pediatric healthcare, one approach to care stands out – not just for its simplicity, but for its profound impact: medical play.  Medical play isn’t just child’s play. It’s a therapeutic strategy designed to gently guide children through the complexities of their medical experiences. Medical play is a powerful vehicle for clarity … Read more

IV Line Gross Contamination: How to Protect Patients

iv nutrition therapy

Peripheral intravenous catheters, more commonly known as IV lines, serve as crucial lifelines for administering medicine and fluids directly into our bloodstream.  Yet, this direct access can paradoxically offer an unwelcome pathway for infections, leading to potential complications ranging from delayed healing and extended hospital stays to escalating medical bills, and in severe cases, life-threatening … Read more