VALGuard® is a transparent line guard designed to protect IV line connections and hubs from external contaminants, including body fluids, secretions and environmental agents that can lead to infection.

VALGuard is the only vascular access line guard with a quick-release strip for immediate and easy access to the catheter hub.

Best for:
Any catheter hubs or connection points where contamination is a risk.
For example:

  • PICC lines
  • Tunnelled CVLs
  • Implantable ports
  • Umbilical lines
  • Hemodialysis catheter or dialysis fistula
  • Saline/heparin lock lines
  • Saline carrier (KVO) lines
  • Bifuse, trifuse, quadfuse, and y-site
  • Medical lines
  • TPN/IL lines
  • Inline filters
  • Capped microclaves


  • Provides a barrier to sources of line contamination.
  • Quick-release technology enables fast and easy removal for access  in STAT or CODE situations.
  • Transparency allows continuous monitoring of hubs and connections for misconnections, leaks, etc.
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