IV Clear is a Dual-Antimicrobial Clear Soft Silicone IV Securement Dressing.

For use with:

  • IV catheters
  • Central venous lines
  • PICCs
  • Suction catheters
  • Epidural catheters
  • Hemodialysis catheters
  • Orthopedic pins
  • Other intravascular catheters and percutaneous devices


  • Provides antimicrobial protection by killing on average 99.99% of microorganisms commonly associated with CRBSI and suppressing regrowth for up to 7 days.1 *
  • Meets modern antimicrobial standards when tested against gram positive and gram-negative bacteria and yeast commonly associated with Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections (CRBSIs) 1
  • Acts as a barrier to external contamination, protecting insertion sites and securing vascular access devices to the skin. 1
  • Uses a skin-safe soft silicone adhesive to promote comfort and protect skin integrity of even the most fragile skin. 2,3,4

*In vitro effectiveness does not predict clinical performance.

1 Data on file. Covalon Technologies Ltd.

2 Covalon Technologies Ltd. (2011, March – April) A Human Repeat Patch Test Study. Identifier: NCT01368146 https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01368146

3 Oehlke S, Steger M. Management of CHG-Associated Dermatitis at Central Line Sites in Pediatric Patients. Clinical Abstracts From the WOCN® Society’s 46th Annual Conference Nashville, Tennessee June 21-25, 2014.

4 Hedgepath N, Messina V, Kalowes P. Clinical performance of a new clear silicone adhesive dressing with chlorhexidine and silver for central vascular access devices (VADs): Wearability, Comfort, Incidence of Irritant Contact Dermatitis. Poster Publication: SAWC Fall, Las Vegas, USA, 2014 

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