CovaClear® IV is a soft silicone adhesive clear IV Dressing that helps protect insertion sites from external contaminants.

Best for:  
Patients who either don’t require, or cannot tolerate, antimicrobials for:

  • IV Catheters 
  • Premature Infants
  • Neonates
  • Individuals with allergies/severe sensitivity to chlorhexidine
  • Anyone susceptible to skin irritation from acrylics and/or MARSI

For use with:

  • IV Catheters
  • Other intravascular catheters
  • Percutaneous devices


  • Acts as a barrier to external contamination, protecting insertion sites and securing vascular access devices to the skin. 1
  • Uses a skin-safe silicone adhesive to help comfort and protect skin integrity of even the most fragile skin.
  • Suitable for use on patients when antimicrobials dressings are not indicated
  • For patients who can’t tolerate acrylics (alternative for) and/or MARSI, sensitive skin

1 Data on file. Covalon Technologies Ltd.

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