Designed for patients.
Made for care providers.
Compassionate care solutions to help the most vulnerable have a better chance at healing.
Nurse monitoring a new born who has receiving care using Covalon Technologies products
Protect Against Infections
Close Complex Wounds
Reinvent Incision Care
Build Custom Solutions
Who We Are

We are a patient-driven medical device company that provides innovative compassionate care solutions to help patients live better and heal faster.

Your top priority is to
improve patient outcomes.
Protect against infections.
The world’s only vascular access line-to-line connection barrier
Valguard Sheet
The world’s only dual-antimicrobial silicone IV dressing
IV Clear
The world’s only dual-antimicrobial surgial site dressing
The world’s only collagen wound filler with antimicrobial silver
Colactive Plus Powder
Join Us

At Covalon, we are always looking for talented people to join our growing team of motivated, passionate professionals.

We offer opportunities to develop and expand your career, while making a true difference in people’s lives.

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