MediClear PostOp Absorb

MediClear PostOp Absorb An absorbent, bacteria proof, self-adherent silicone border dressing designed for the management of a wide range of exuding wounds, such as post-operative wounds, abrasions, blisters, and skin tears. MediClear™ PostOp Absorb may be used throughout the healing process to provide protection for the indicated wound types. *Not Available for Sale in the … Read more

CovaWound SuperAbsorbent

CovaWound SuperAbsorbent CovaWound™ SuperAbsorbent dressing consists of: – A soft polyethylene (PE) wound contact layer – A Polyurethane (PU) foam with SuperAbsorbent Polymer (SAP, polyacrylate) which provides excellent fluid absorption – A non-woven fiber top layer *Not Available for Sale in the US For Use With   Heavily exuding wounds such as: Pressure, leg and … Read more

CovaWound Silicone

CovaWound Silicone Dressing Absorbent, atraumatic dressings consisting of a soft silicone adhesive that does not stick to the surface of a wound, an absorbent core of polyurethane foam, and a vapor-permeable polyurethane membrane which acts as a barrier to liquid and microorganisms. *Not Available for Sale in the US No Border With Border SELF-ADHERENT SOFT … Read more

CovaWound Foam

CovaWound Foam Soft and conformable foam dressings, providing an optimal moist healing environment and excellent patient comfort. *Not Available for Sale in the US No Adhesive Border With Adhesive Border NON-ADHERENT FOAM DRESSING A waterproof non-adherent foam dressing with a two-layer construction. For Use With Wounds surrounded by sensitive skin including: Venous, pressure, leg, diabetic … Read more