See, Feel, Believe: CovaClear IV in Action

CovaClear IV uses the same trusted silicone adhesive technology to protect patients from skin injuries and promote healing in patients who either don’t require, or cannot tolerate, antimicrobials.

Beyond the IV Line: Kids Just Want to Be Kids

Kids just want to be kids, without being tied down by IV lines. Parents just want their kids to be safe and cared for. Now with Covalon’s IV dressings kids feel more freedom and parents can have more peace.

Advocacy in Action: A NICU Mom’s IV Tale

Alex, a NICU mom faced the setbacks of her daughter battling a hospital acquired infection and abrasive IV dressings wholly unfit for her premature baby’s skin. Learn more about her story.

Central Vascular Access Devices Key Considerations from a Patient’s Perspective

This webinar covers: The importance of patient-centered device selection. Special considerations for long-term IV access. Tips on finding the right device for you, your loved one, or your patient. Best practices for engaging with your care team or involving patients in clinical decision making. First-hand patient perspectives and experiences. Opportunity to learn, share, discuss, and … Read more

Strategies for Addressing Rising CLABSI Rates in Pediatric Patients

We address the current climate in healthcare and offer new solutions with seasoned expert guidance to target zero CLABSI without added time. We’ll focus on becoming CLABSI conscious and using technology specifically designed to reduce CLABSIs to minimize human error, maintain safety consistency, save time and ultimately lives.

Protecting CVADS from Gross Contamination

In this webinar you’ll learn more about: Why CLABSI’s are on the rise. The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. Extaluminal Sources of CLABSI. Case Discussions. New Technology to Strengthen Current CLABSI Bundles.