Customized Medical Device Coatings

Customized Medical Device Coatings

Protect patients from the inside out.
Solve new challenges around infection prevention, tissue repair and patient comfort with our coating, silicone and biomatrix technologies.
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Each formulation of CovaCoat® can specifically be tailored as a permanent coating to a wide variety of medical devices, and can be engineered to improve lubricity, hemocompatibility, infection prevention and controlled delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
Dual Antimicrobial Silicone Adhesive Technology
We provide innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions that reduce pain, prevent infection, and promote healing.
Collagen Matrix Technology
A “pro-active” collagen technology that enables enhanced wound healing. Our collagen technology can be customized to create unique advanced wound care, trauma and surgical repair products, including capabilities to load various cell binding modalities and/or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).


A proprietary photochemical process that permanently alters the surface of a variety of medical devices, to improve functionality and performance. Using our patented coating technology platform, we partner with medical device companies, contract manufacturers and distributors to customize medical devices to incorporate or improve a number of device specific properties like:
Antimicrobial Infection Prevention
Controlled drug delivery
ID/OD coating

Our patented approach is supported by an FDA device master file and creates a highly durable, low particulate coating technology through surface modification, designed to withstand shear forces and delamination to improve the performance of medical devices. CovaCoat® coatings can be applied to a number of medical devices, including:

  • silicone and latex catheters,
  • peritoneal dialysis catheters,
  • hemodialysis catheters,
  • wound drains,
  • central venous lines,
  • orthopedic metals, and
  • several other medical devices
Hand IV



Providing unique market differentiating solutions for every customer

Highly tunable

Adaptable to varying geometries, devices and materials (pre or post processing), ID and OD coating


Covalently linked surface coating withstands very high shearing and abrasion forces


Allowing for multiple surface properties, functionalities and controlled delivery of APIs, all in one coating formulation

Controlled delivery

Including but not limited to antimicrobials, antibiotics, peptides and anti‐inflammatories

Cost Effective

A flexible business model allows for creative structures that are mutually beneficial

Compared to other coatings which rely on “grafting to” processes with off-the-shelf polymers, our coatings uses a proprietary “grafting from” process to prevent weak points and potential delamination. Utilizing photo-polymerization to create active grafting sites, new polymer chains are initiated and grown from the surface to form a continuum rather than a discrete coating layer.

The CovaCoat® process works best with polymer-based materials but can be applied to virtually any medical device or other surface material. Using USP grade material and an ISO compliant quality system, the CovaCoat® process has been scaled for commercial production of many FDA, Health Canada, CFDA approved products.

Dual Antimicrobial Silicone Adhesive Technology

Our transparent silicone adhesive is gentle on the skin and can be formulated with a variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients. We have worked with a number of medical device supplier to contract manufacture OEM solutions that meet their needs.
silicone adhesive


Transparent dressings allow for site visualization without the need to remove dressings
Comfortable on skin with reduced or no irritation during use, and low to no pain observed during removal
Proven localized delivery vehicle for APIs, including successful loading and release of various antimicrobials and anti-inflammatories
Can be applied to the surface of a multitude of medical devices for localized delivery of APIs
Health Canada & FDA cleared Covalon Products using our dual antimicrobial silicone adhesive technology includes: IV Clear™, SurgiClear® and MediClear PreOp™
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Collagen Matrix Technology

Covalon develops sophisticated and “pro-active” collagen technologies that create a catalyst for accelerated tissue healing, superior infection control and improved patient outcomes. Our collagen technology can be customized to create unique advanced wound care, trauma and surgical repair products.

The unique mechanisms of action in ColActive® biomatrix is a result of Covalon’s patented manufacturing process that produces a crosslinked matrix of collagen containing both native-like triple helical and denatured random coil configurations of collagen chains. The partial unwinding of the collagen triple helix in our dressings expose a greater proportion of the polypeptide sequence to potential interactions with wound site components, improving healing capacity.

We have worked with a number of medical device suppliers to contract manufacture OEM Collagen Matrix solutions that meet their needs.


Provides an ideal environment for cells to attach and proliferate
Provides an ideal environment for cells to form an extracellular matrix for tissue regeneration
Provides an ideal environment for cell communication
Provides nutrient and oxygen transportation
Can be combined with other natural materials
Foot Bandage
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