Vascular Access Technologies

Vascular Access Technologies

Experience A New Standard of Care with Covalon’s Vascular Access Technology

  • CovaClear® IV and IV Clear® transparent silicone vascular access dressings provide secure, yet tender skin protection using silicone made to gently bond with the microcontours of the skin. Complete dressing transparency helps simplify site monitoring and minimizes the number of dressing changes. Protect against microbes while minimizing harm to the skin using IV Clear® that has an even distribution of chlorhexidine and silver over the entire surface area of the dressing, rather than concentrated in a single area.
  • Reduce the need for harsh adhesive removers and minimize the trauma and tears associated with dressing changes. Covalon dressings hold tight, but peel off right, with their gentle release design.
  • A perfect complement to our dressings is VALGuard® – a unique line-to-line barrier that protects IV-line connections, lumens, and hubs from gross contamination. VALGuard® is completely transparent and features quick-release technology to ensure that you can access your patient lines exactly when you need to.
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*Covalon recommends discussing your individual treatment needs with your physician or healthcare provider. For more information, please contact [email protected]



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