| Last updated on February 5, 2024

71% of catheter-related infections are
linked to catheter hub contamination.

Guard your lines with VALGuard®:
the only vascular access line-to-line
connection barrier that protects from
gross contamination.


VALGuard® is a transparent, environmental barrier designed to protect IV luer lock and line connections from external contaminants like body fluids, stool, urine and vent secretions.

Trusted Compassionate Care Technology Solutions

Many of the nation's most prestigious Hospitals choose
VALGuard® as part of their Infection Prevention protocols.

Protect the line with VALGuard® for use with:

Luer Lock Connections

Luer lock

IV line connections

IV line

Valguard Sheet

Give your patients the protection they deserve
Deliver medication safely and guard the line from external contaminants - VALGuard® is the only device that offers line connection protection and easy access in STAT or CODE situations.
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Transparent barrier allows for visual assessment of line connections, while protecting from external contaminants.
Blue quick-release strip allows for fast line access during an emergent event and facilitates quick and easy removal.
Soft material provides patient comfort and peace of mind, allowing patients the freedom to move around with a reduced contamination risk.

VALGuard® in practice:

Trusted by 8 of the Top 10 Children’s Hospitals for Pediatric Cancer Treatment
Award winning technology platforms and solutions
World's only transparent IV line barrier
Identify your most at-risk vascular access
patients and put VALGuard® to work
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11.5cm x 10cm
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