Vascular Access Protection For Sick Kids

Vascular Access Protection For Sick Kids

Give your patients the protection they deserve

The world’s only FDA-cleared, vascular access line-to-line connection barrier.
valguard VAP
  • Vascular access line guard that assists with CLABSI Prevention.
  • Protection of IV-line connections and lumens from contamination.
  • Quick release pull strip for easy access and removal.
The world’s only Dual-Antimicrobial, Clear, Silicone securement dressing.
ivclear VAP
  • The perfect all-in-one dressing to protect your IV line and keep your patients safe and comfortable.
  • Dual antimicrobial protection that kills 99.99% of CLABSI microorganisms across the entire surface of the dressing.
  • Protect fragile skin and minimize pain and trauma at dressing removal
  • Complete site visibility to allow for active monitoring of IV and catheter insertion sites without the need for removal.

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