NICU Awareness Month and Advocacy for Compassionate Care

A mom holding her baby in the NICU.

Despite the number of babies and families who spend their time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), NICU awareness remains fairly low. This makes initiatives like NICU Awareness Month all the more essential. The NICU is a special place, filled with tiny toes, flashing lights, beeping alarms and quiet whispers.  It’s a place for … Read more

How to Make Getting an IV Less Painful

Boy in hospital bed in pain from an IV

Getting an IV should be a minor procedure – not a major moment that causes pain and discomfort.  However, for many patients, even the thought of getting an IV can bring about feelings of apprehension and discomfort. For children, getting an IV can be both intimidating and frightening.  IV lines are used all over the … Read more

How to Prevent Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Complications

iv therapy

Did you know that over a billion intravenous catheters (PIVCs) are inserted annually worldwide?  These commonly used medical devices play a crucial role in delivering essential treatments. PIVCs are an invasive medical device inserted into patients’ veins on a daily basis to administer medicine, antibiotics, blood products, and other medical fluids.  Yet while PIVCs are … Read more

What to Know About Skin Integrity in Hospitals

Close of an IV with nurse administering

Whether it’s placing an IV-line, checking vitals or administering life-saving treatment: patient care begins with the skin. Preventing and saving skin from reactions, tears and antimicrobial burns is much easier than treating them, yet many healthcare professionals find themselves having to choose between compromising skin integrity and providing patients with the treatment they need. Sometimes … Read more

What is Patient Centered Care?

A frontline nurse practicing patient centered care with the patient and their family members.

If you’ve worked in healthcare in the past few years, you know that patient centered care has taken center stage when it comes to both the discussions and innovations around the quality and provision of healthcare. However, with recent pressures and demands on the system and healthcare professionals themselves – including the rise of healthcare … Read more

How to Promote C-Section Scar Healing

A new mom holding her baby in hospital after a c-section.

C-section scars shouldn’t leave a lasting mark beyond a faint line.  Yet, many C-section incisions lead to infections, prolonged trauma and unwanted scarring that goes beyond the initial incision line.  A C-section is a major surgery of the abdomen performed to deliver a baby.  During a C-section, the skin of the abdomen – and all … Read more

Preventing Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury in Pediatric Patients

A preterm baby who has fragile skin and MARSI has his delicate hand held by his mother's fingers.

Medical adhesive related skin injuries (or MARSIs) are a dangerously common, but under recognized medical complication. From premature infants to elderly patients with chronic-health conditions, MARSI occurs in all care settings and affects patients of all ages. Yet, MARSIs are preventable – not inevitable. In addition to dressing application and removal techniques, today there is … Read more

Protecting Patients from Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections

Protection from Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections (CRBSIs) using Covalon's VALGuard, which is designed to protect IV-line connections from external contaminants

After a patient or loved one has begun treatment for a stressful diagnosis, the last thing they need is a setback or threat to recovery like a catheter related bloodstream infection.  The physical, emotional and mental toll that catheter related bloodstream infections and other healthcare associated setbacks have on patients can be debilitating and heartbreaking.  … Read more

How to Use CLABSI Conscious Technology to Prevent Infections

A medical professional using CLABSI Conscious Technology to Prevent Central line-associated bloodstream infections

Healthcare is a lifeline, but it can also be a direct line to infection.  Among the multitude of tolls the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on the provision of healthcare, is the rise of central line-associated bloodstream infections. CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network has reported a significant rise in the standard infection ratio for CLABSI: a … Read more