Sensitive Skin Solutions

Sensitive Skin Solutions

IV care dressings that hug, not hurt.

Soft silicone for sensitive skin.

5 of the Top 10 Children’s Hospitals Choose Our Silicone Dressings for Pediatric Cancer Treatment

With more than 20 years of experience, Covalon is uniquely positioned to transform the patient and clinical experience, one dressing at a time. Compassion doesn’t just start in our hearts and end at our fingertips – it extends to the technology we hold in our hands.

Reasons to Use a Silicone Dressing

IV Clear® and CovaClear® are silicone-based dressing options.
Atraumatic Adhesion

Atraumatic Adhesion

Silicone secures and bonds gently with the microcontours of the skin.

Undisturbed Healing

Simplify Site Monitoring

Minimize the number of dressing changes with clear and total dressing transparency.

Seamless Infection Defense

Seamless Antimicrobial Barrier

IV Clear® has an evenly woven concentration of chlorhexidine- not a concentrated spot.

Apology free Removal

Apology-free Removal

Our silicone dressings feature a gentle release design, no adhesive removers needed!

Featured Products

Find the Right Dressing for your Patients

IV Clear

IV Clear®

The world’s only dual-antimicrobial, clear IV dressing made with soft silicone.
CovaClear IV

CovaClear® IV

The unique soft silicone solution for sensitive skin, free from antimicrobials for gentler care.

A NICU Mom's Story

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Turning NICU Pain into Protection for Future Babies

Alex, a new NICU mom, faced the setbacks of her daughter battling a hospital acquired infection.

Listen to her inspiring story.

“Every little detail in the NICU counts. A single IV dressing can mean the difference between a successful discharge or another sleepless night.”

– Alex Anderson, NICU Mom



Not all IV dressings are made equal, find the perfect patient protection.


Strengthen skin safety for your pediatric patients.


Provide pediatric friendly IV care using these expert tips.

Beyond the IV Line: Kids Just Want to Be Kids

Learn how to keep pediatric lines safe and clean, while they play and explore.
VALGuard® is chosen by top children’s hopitals- watch to learn more!

Educational Videos

The world’s only dual-antimicrobial clear silicone adhesive IV dressing with Chlorhexidine and Silver.
Protect against Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury before it happens with CovaClear IV – the skin sensitive dressing.
Guard your lines with VALGuard®: the only vascular access line-to-line connection barrier that protects from gross contamination.
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