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Alton Johnson
“ColActive makes a real difference for my patients, getting them back on their feet sooner. For some, that difference is avoiding amputation.

Alton R, Johnson Jr.

Aimee Tyner
“I couldn’t be happier with IV CLEAR! It’s very comfortable and doesn’t give me any issues. I would definitely recommend IV CLEAR! After a few dressing changes with other brands, IV CLEAR is by far the best! Other brands stick to my line, making dressing changes very painful. IV CLEAR just peels off no problem! Feels like a second skin.”

Aimee Tyner

Bailey Sophia
“The transparency of the SurgiClear dressing allowed us to greatly reduce the number of dressing changes being performed, which in turn, reduced exposure and manipulation of the healing wound, conserved nurses’ time, and maintained skin integrity.”

Bailey, Sophia C. (2022) AORN Journal

Alavi, A et al. (2021) SAGE Open Case Reports

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