Guarding the Central Venous Access Device: A New Solution for an Old Problem

| Last updated on October 23, 2023

Authored by Darcy Doellman, MSN, RN, VA-BC Vascular Access Consultant, Cincinnati, OH

Central line-associated blood stream infections (CLABSIs) are a serious and potentially deadly complication in patients with a central venous access device (CVAD). CVADs play an essential role in modern medicine, serving as lifelines for many patients. To maintain safe and stable venous access, infection prevention bundles are used to help protect patients from complications such as CLABSI. Despite most CLABSIs being preventable, rates have been on the rise, often disproportionately impacting critically ill children. New solutions are needed to strengthen infection prevention bundles and protect CVADs from pathogen entry at catheter hubs and line connections. A novel, Food and Drug Administration–listed device has become available recently to guard CVADs from sources of gross contamination, addressing this apparent gap in infection prevention technology and practice.